Scouts Hag Dyke June 2023

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An absolutely fantastic weekend up at Hag Dyke! Weather was hot but a good breeze on the summit made it good for walking.

Arrived up late on Friday for a supper and bed.

Saturday was a great walk up to the summit over into the edge of Nidderdale and back round. The Scouts managed to use all their navigation skills throughout the day to both stay on track and use bearings, pacings, and triangulation to locate four WW2 plane crashes on the side of Great Whernside. On return to the hostel there was some napping after a long day, some games, and a BBQ in the evening.

Sunday was some games in the morning, and the patrol leaders tracked down some geocaches the cubs lost a few weeks earlier. Finally everyone mucked in and cleaned the hostel top to bottom ready for the next lucky guests up there before heading down the hill for icecream and home.

Overall a cracking weekend, everyone enjoyed it, and we really got the opportunity to reinforce and practice some tricky navigation.