Notes for Hagdyke Visitors

Notice of Arrival

Contact details for your warden for the visit will be sent in advance. Please get in touch with an approximate time of arrival as indicated on the booking confirmation slip.


The key is now located at the hostel and instructions will be given with booking confirmation.


On foot in the general direction towards Great Whernside summit ABOVE and to the LEFT of Dowber Ghyll. DO NOT go along the Ghyll bottom. Wear good footwear and after dark carry torches. . Be warned that the track can easily become snow-bound. Please indicate on booking form if you wish to take a vehicle to the hostel. There is no charge for the first vehicle but additional vehicles are charged for to discourage indiscriminate use and wear and tear of the track. The access is completely unsuitable for ordinary vehicles. Only attempt with Landrover or other suitable 4 wheeled drive vehicle.


Enter by the boot room door, taking off boots (please do this at all times).  Please follow the procedures detailed in the instruction manual usually on the kitchen table or in dining room. Instructions for the use of the electrical supply and the generators is also in this manual. Please follow all the procedures as detailed. Turn on the incoming gas supply valve. Cylinders and reserves are in the barn behind the chapel with automatic change over. Change bottles when empty following instructions.


Visitors may light fires as required (there are no extra charges) but please avoid waste. In-house coal is under stairs, replenish when necessary from the barn.


There is cess-pit sanitation so only use a minimum amount of disinfectant. Warn EVERBODY that NOTHING SOLID must be put down lavatory pans, otherwise the drainage system will block with very unpleasant results. In case of need there are drain rods in the barn. Normally there are no problems. Bleach is for floors only.

Sleeping Arrangements

There are bunks in the Scouters Room (4), Priestman Room (6), Dutch Room (16), and Findlay Room (10). Bunks and mattresses must not be moved around without the Warden’s permission.

Fire Risks

Take every care and arrange fire drill on arrival with emergency assembly point at flagpole. See that fireguards are in front of the fire when unattended and check whereabouts of extinguishers and escape doors. INFORM EVERYBODY.


Visitors associated with those in the Hostel (no-one else) may pitch unlimited tents in the field behind the chapel.

Ball Games

To avoid broken windows please keep well away from the Hostel and Chapel. The field behind the Chapel is for this kind of activity.


There are no permanent Wardens. Offers of extra “spring cleaning “ type of jobs are always welcome. If no Warden in attendance parties are asked to use own ideas.


Provided at weekends and generally at beginning and end of longer visits. If invited to eat with the visiting party they will pay for their food if requested. They are voluntary helpers and their job is to be of advice and assistance regarding the care and use of the Hostel and general amenities etc.


Rubbish should be burnt whenever possible on the Hostel fires, particularly remains of food, to keep down the possibility of vermin. Please take all other rubbish away with you whenever possible. Ash should be kept separate and strewn in the tractor ruts.


See that the Hostel is clean and as you would wish to find it, that the fires are out or nearly so, the oven and utensils are clean and that there is no food left to encourage vermin. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LEAVING IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. THIS IS IMPORTANT. TURN OFF GAS, WATER AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AS DETAILED.